The Third Speech of Eliphaz
1Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied,
2“Can any person be of benefit to God?
Can even a wise person be of any help to him?
3Job, what pleasure would it give the Mighty One if you were right?
What would he get if you were completely honest?

4“You say you have respect for him.
Is that why he corrects you?
Is that why he brings charges against you?
5Haven’t you done many evil things?
Don’t you sin again and again?
6You took clothes away from your relatives
just because they owed you some money.
You left them naked for no reason at all.
7You didn’t give any water to people who were tired.
You held food back from those who were hungry.
8You did it even though you were honored and powerful.
You owned land and lived on it.
9But you sent widows away without anything.
You mistreated children whose fathers had died.
10That’s why traps have been set all around you.
That’s why sudden danger terrifies you.
11That’s why it’s so dark you can’t even see.
That’s why a flood covers you up.

12“Isn’t God in the highest parts of heaven?
See how high the highest stars are!
13But you still say, ‘What does God know?
Can he see through the darkest clouds to judge us?
14He goes around in the highest heavens.
Thick clouds keep him from seeing us.’
15Will you stay on the old path
that sinful people have walked on?
16They were carried off even before they died.
Their foundations were washed away by a flood.
17They said to God, ‘Leave us alone!
What can you do to us, you Mighty One?’
18But he was the one who filled their houses with good things.
So I don’t pay any attention to the plans of evil people.

19“Those who do what is right are joyful
when they see sinners destroyed.
Those who haven’t done anything wrong make fun of them.
20They say, ‘Our enemies are completely destroyed.
Fire has burned up their wealth.’

21“Job, obey God and be at peace with him.
Then he will help you succeed.
22Do what he teaches you to do.
Keep his words in your heart.
23If you return to the Mighty One,
you will have what you had before.
But first you must remove
everything that is evil far from your tent.
24You must throw your gold nuggets away.
You must toss your gold from Ophir into a valley.
25Then the Mighty One himself will be your gold.
He’ll be like the finest silver to you.
26You will find delight in the Mighty One.
You will honor God and trust in him.
27You will pray to him, and he will hear you.
You will keep the promises you made to him.
28What you decide to do will be done.
Light will shine on the path you take.
29When people are brought low you will say, ‘Lift them up!’
Then God will help them.
30He’ll even save those who are guilty.
He’ll save them because your hands are clean.”