Psalm 50
God as Judge
A psalm of Asaph.50:0 1Ch 16:5,7
1The Mighty One, God,50:1 Or The God of gods the Lord, speaks;
he summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to its setting.50:1 Jos 22:22; Ps 113:3
2From Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God appears in radiance.50:2 Or God shines forth50:2 Dt 33:2; Ps 48:2; Lm 2:15
3Our God is coming; he will not be silent!
Devouring fire precedes him,
and a storm rages around him.50:3 Ps 18:12–13; 97:3
4On high, he summons heaven and earth
in order to judge his people:50:4 Dt 4:26; 31:28; 32:1; Is 1:2
5“Gather my faithful ones to me,
those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”50:5 Ex 24:4–8; 2Ch 6:11
6The heavens proclaim his righteousness,50:6 Ps 89:5; 97:6
for God is the Judge.50:6 Ps 75:7; 96:13Selah

7“Listen, my people, and I will speak;
I will testify against you, Israel.
I am God, your God.50:7 Dt 31:21; Ps 81:8
8I do not rebuke you for your sacrifices
or for your burnt offerings,
which are continually before me.50:8 1Sm 15:22; Ps 40:6; 51:16
9I will not take a bull from your household
or male goats from your pens,50:9 Ps 69:31
10for every animal of the forest is mine,
the cattle on a thousand hills.
11I know every bird of the mountains,
and the creatures of the field are mine.50:10–11 Ex 19:5; Ps 104:24
12If I were hungry, I would not tell you,
for the world and everything in it is mine.50:12 Dt 10:14; Ps 24:1; 1Co 10:26
13Do I eat the flesh of bulls
or drink the blood of goats?50:13 Is 1:11
14Offer a thanksgiving sacrifice to God,50:14 Lv 7:12; Ps 107:22; 116:17
and pay your vows to the Most High.50:14 Dt 23:21; Ps 76:11
15Call on me in a day of trouble;
I will rescue you, and you will honor me.”50:15 Ps 20:1; 59:16; 77:2

16But God says to the wicked:
“What right do you have to recite my statutes
and to take my covenant on your lips?50:16 Is 29:13
17You hate instruction
and fling my words behind you.50:17 Pr 5:12; 12:1
18When you see a thief,
you make friends with him,
and you associate with adulterers.50:18 Rm 1:32; 1Tm 5:22
19You unleash your mouth for evil
and harness your tongue for deceit.50:19 Ps 10:7; 36:3; 52:2
20You sit, maligning your brother,
slandering your mother’s son.50:20 Jb 19:18; Mt 10:21
21You have done these things, and I kept silent;
you thought I was just like you.50:21 Is 42:14; 57:11
But I will rebuke you
and lay out the case before you.50:21 Lit lay it out before your eyes50:21 Ps 90:8

22“Understand this, you who forget God,
or I will tear you apart,
and there will be no one to rescue you.50:22 Jb 8:13; Ps 9:17
23Whoever offers a thanksgiving sacrifice honors me,
and whoever orders his conduct,
I will show him the salvation of God.”50:23 Ps 85:13; 91:16; Gl 6:16