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  • Psalms 29:2
    Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.
  • Psalms 33:8
    Let the whole earth fear the LORD; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.
  • Psalms 110:3
    Your people will volunteer on your day of battle. In holy splendor, from the womb of the dawn, the dew of your youth belongs to you.
  • Psalms 114:7
    Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,
  • Psalms 76:7
    And you— you are to be feared. When you are angry, who can stand before you?
  • Psalms 76:11
    Make and keep your vows to the LORD your God; let all who are around him bring tribute to the awe-inspiring one.
  • Ezekiel 7:20
    He appointed his beautiful ornaments for majesty, but they made their detestable images from them, their abhorrent things. Therefore, I have made these into something filthy to them.
  • Daniel 11:45
    He will pitch his royal tents between the sea and the beautiful holy mountain, but he will meet his end with no one to help him.
  • Luke 21:5-6
    As some were talking about the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God, he said,“ These things that you see— the days will come when not one stone will be left on another that will not be thrown down.”
  • Ezra 7:27
    Blessed be the LORD, the God of our ancestors, who has put it into the king’s mind to glorify the house of the LORD in Jerusalem,