Psalm 76

For the director of music. A psalm of Asaph. A song to be played on stringed instruments.
1In the land of Judah, God is well known.
In Israel, his name is great.
2His tent is in Jerusalem.
The place where he lives is on Mount Zion.
3There he broke the deadly arrows of his enemies.
He broke their shields and swords.
He broke their weapons of war.

4God, you shine like a very bright light.
You are more majestic than mountains full of wild animals.
5Brave soldiers have been robbed of everything they had.
Now they lie there, sleeping in death.
Not one of them can even lift his hands.
6God of Jacob, at your command
both horse and chariot lie still.
7People should have respect for you alone.
Who can stand in front of you when you are angry?
8From heaven you handed down your sentence.
The land was afraid and became quiet.
9God, that happened when you rose up to judge.
It happened when you came to save all your suffering people in the land.
10Your anger against sinners brings you praise.
Those who live through your anger gather to worship you.

11Make promises to the Lord your God and keep them.
Let all the neighboring nations
bring gifts to the God who should be respected.
12He breaks the proud spirit of rulers.
The kings of the earth have respect for him.