1Whoever still won’t obey after being warned many times
will suddenly be destroyed. Nothing can save them.

2When those who do right grow stronger, the people are glad.
But when those who do wrong become rulers, the people groan.

3A man who loves wisdom makes his father glad.
But a man who spends time with prostitutes wastes his father’s wealth.

4By doing what is fair, a king makes a country secure.
But those who only want money tear it down.

5Those who only pretend to praise their neighbors
are spreading a net to catch them by the feet.

6Sinful people are trapped by their own sin.
But godly people shout for joy and are glad.

7Those who do what is right want to treat poor people fairly.
But those who do what is wrong don’t care about the poor.

8Those who make fun of others stir up a city.
But wise people turn anger away.

9Suppose a wise person goes to court with a foolish person.
Then the foolish person gets mad and pokes fun, and there is no peace.

10Murderers hate honest people.
They try to kill those who do what is right.

11Foolish people let their anger run wild.
But wise people keep themselves under control.

12If rulers listen to lies,
all their officials become evil.

13The Lord gives sight to the eyes of poor people and those who treat others badly.
That’s what they both have in common.

14If a king judges poor people fairly,
his throne will always be secure.

15If a child is corrected, they become wise.
But a child who is not corrected brings shame to their mother.

16When those who do wrong grow stronger, so does sin.
But those who do right will see them destroyed.

17If you correct your children, they will give you peace.
They will bring you the delights you desire.

18Where there is no message from God, people don’t control themselves.
But blessed is the one who obeys wisdom’s instruction.

19Servants can’t be corrected only by words.
Even if they understand, they won’t obey.

20Have you seen someone who speaks without thinking?
There is more hope for foolish people than for that person.

21A servant who has been spoiled from youth
will have no respect for you later on.

22An angry person stirs up fights.
And a person with a bad temper commits many sins.

23Pride brings a person low.
But those whose spirits are low will be honored.

24To help a thief is to become your own enemy.
When you go to court, you won’t dare to say anything.

25If you are afraid of people, it will trap you.
But if you trust in the Lord, he will keep you safe.

26Many people want to meet a ruler.
But only the Lord sees that people are treated fairly.

27Those who do what is right hate dishonest people.
Those who do what is wrong hate honest people.