1“My eyes have seen everything God has done.
My ears have heard it and understood it.
2What you know, I also know.
I’m as clever as you are.
3In fact, I long to speak to the Mighty One.
I want to argue my case with God.
4But you spread lies about me and take away my good name.
If you are trying to heal me,
you aren’t very good doctors!
5I wish you would keep your mouths shut!
Then people would think you were wise.
6Listen to my case.
Listen as I make my appeal.
7Will you say evil things in order to help God?
Will you tell lies for him?
8Do you want to be on God’s side?
Will you argue his case for him?
9Would it turn out well if he looked you over carefully?
Could you fool him as you might fool human beings?
10He would certainly hold you responsible
if you took his side in secret.
11Wouldn’t his glory terrify you?
Wouldn’t the fear of him fall on you?
12Your sayings are as useless as ashes.
The answers you give are as weak as clay.

13“So be quiet and let me speak.
Then I won’t care what happens to me.
14Why do I put myself in danger?
Why do I take my life in my hands?
15Even if God kills me, I’ll still put my hope in him.
I’ll argue my case in front of him.
16No matter how things turn out,
I’m sure I’ll still be saved.
After all, no ungodly person
would dare to come into his court.
17Listen carefully to what I’m saying.
Pay close attention to my words.
18I’ve prepared my case.
And I know I’ll be proved right.
19Can others bring charges against me?
If they can, I’ll keep quiet and die.

20“God, I won’t hide from you.
Here are the only two things I want.
21Stop treating me this way.
And stop making me so afraid.
22Then send for me, and I’ll answer.
Or let me speak, and you reply.
23How many things have I done wrong?
How many sins have I committed?
Show me my crime. Show me my sin.
24Why do you turn your face away from me?
Why do you think of me as your enemy?
25I’m already like a leaf that is blown by the wind.
Are you going to terrify me even more?
I’m already like dry straw.
Are you going to keep on chasing me?
26You write down bitter things against me.
You make me suffer for the sins
I committed when I was young.
27You put my feet in chains.
You watch every step I take.
You do it by putting marks on the bottom of my feet.

28“People waste away like something that is rotten.
They are like clothes that are eaten by moths.