Psalm 2

1Why do the nations plan evil together?
Why do they make useless plans?
2The kings of the earth rise up against the Lord.
The rulers of the earth join together against his anointed king.
3“Let us break free from their chains,” they say.
“Let us throw off their ropes.”

4The God who sits on his throne in heaven laughs.
The Lord makes fun of those rulers and their plans.
5When he is angry, he warns them.
When his anger blazes out, he terrifies them.
6He says to them,
“I have placed my king on my holy mountain of Zion.”
7I will announce what the Lord has promised.
He said to me, “You are my son.
Today I have become your father.
8Ask me, and I will give the nations to you.
All nations on earth will belong to you.
9You will break them with an iron scepter.
You will smash them to pieces like clay pots.”

10Kings, be wise!
Rulers of the earth, be warned!
11Serve the Lord and have respect for him.
Celebrate his rule with trembling.
12Obey the son completely, or he will be angry.
Your way of life will lead to your death.
His anger can blaze out at any moment.
Blessed are all those who go to him for safety.