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  • Mark 7:27-28
    Jesus told her,“ First I should feed the children— my own family, the Jews. It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.”She replied,“ That’s true, Lord, but even the dogs under the table are allowed to eat the scraps from the children’s plates.”
  • Matthew 15:21-24
    Then Jesus left Galilee and went north to the region of Tyre and Sidon.A Gentile woman who lived there came to him, pleading,“ Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! For my daughter is possessed by a demon that torments her severely.”But Jesus gave her no reply, not even a word. Then his disciples urged him to send her away.“ Tell her to go away,” they said.“ She is bothering us with all her begging.”Then Jesus said to the woman,“ I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep— the people of Israel.”
  • John 4:40
    When they came out to see him, they begged him to stay in their village. So he stayed for two days,
  • Romans 15:8
    Remember that Christ came as a servant to the Jews to show that God is true to the promises he made to their ancestors.
  • Matthew 4:13
    He went first to Nazareth, then left there and moved to Capernaum, beside the Sea of Galilee, in the region of Zebulun and Naphtali.
  • John 4:46
    As he traveled through Galilee, he came to Cana, where he had turned the water into wine. There was a government official in nearby Capernaum whose son was very sick.
  • John 1:42
    Then Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus. Looking intently at Simon, Jesus said,“ Your name is Simon, son of John— but you will be called Cephas”( which means“ Peter”).