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  • Matthew 8:11-12
    And I tell you this, that many Gentiles will come from all over the world— from east and west— and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven.But many Israelites— those for whom the Kingdom was prepared— will be thrown into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
  • Matthew 2:1-3
    Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the reign of King Herod. About that time some wise men from eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem, asking,“ Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.”King Herod was deeply disturbed when he heard this, as was everyone in Jerusalem.
  • Isaiah 60:8
    “ And what do I see flying like clouds to Israel, like doves to their nests?
  • Romans 5:20
    God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant.
  • Acts 10:33
    So I sent for you at once, and it was good of you to come. Now we are all here, waiting before God to hear the message the Lord has given you.”
  • Matthew 20:16
    “ So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.”
  • Acts 13:42
    As Paul and Barnabas left the synagogue that day, the people begged them to speak about these things again the next week.
  • Matthew 12:40-42
    For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, so will the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights.“ The people of Nineveh will stand up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it, for they repented of their sins at the preaching of Jonah. Now someone greater than Jonah is here— but you refuse to repent.The queen of Sheba will also stand up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it, for she came from a distant land to hear the wisdom of Solomon. Now someone greater than Solomon is here— but you refuse to listen.
  • Acts 28:28
    So I want you to know that this salvation from God has also been offered to the Gentiles, and they will accept it.”
  • Luke 17:16-18
    He fell to the ground at Jesus’ feet, thanking him for what he had done. This man was a Samaritan.Jesus asked,“ Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine?Has no one returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?”
  • Acts 8:5-8
    Philip, for example, went to the city of Samaria and told the people there about the Messiah.Crowds listened intently to Philip because they were eager to hear his message and see the miraculous signs he did.Many evil spirits were cast out, screaming as they left their victims. And many who had been paralyzed or lame were healed.So there was great joy in that city.
  • Matthew 11:20-24
    Then Jesus began to denounce the towns where he had done so many of his miracles, because they hadn’t repented of their sins and turned to God.“ What sorrow awaits you, Korazin and Bethsaida! For if the miracles I did in you had been done in wicked Tyre and Sidon, their people would have repented of their sins long ago, clothing themselves in burlap and throwing ashes on their heads to show their remorse.I tell you, Tyre and Sidon will be better off on judgment day than you.“ And you people of Capernaum, will you be honored in heaven? No, you will go down to the place of the dead. For if the miracles I did for you had been done in wicked Sodom, it would still be here today.I tell you, even Sodom will be better off on judgment day than you.”