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  • Matthew 28:8
    The women ran quickly from the tomb. They were very frightened but also filled with great joy, and they rushed to give the disciples the angel’s message.
  • Luke 24:33
    And within the hour they were on their way back to Jerusalem. There they found the eleven disciples and the others who had gathered with them,
  • John 4:7
    Soon a Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her,“ Please give me a drink.”
  • Mark 16:8-10
    The women fled from the tomb, trembling and bewildered, and they said nothing to anyone because they were too frightened.[ The most ancient manuscripts of Mark conclude with verse 16:8. Later manuscripts add one or both of the following endings.][ Shorter Ending of Mark] Then they briefly reported all this to Peter and his companions. Afterward Jesus himself sent them out from east to west with the sacred and unfailing message of salvation that gives eternal life. Amen.[ Longer Ending of Mark]After Jesus rose from the dead early on Sunday morning, the first person who saw him was Mary Magdalene, the woman from whom he had cast out seven demons.She went to the disciples, who were grieving and weeping, and told them what had happened.
  • Luke 24:9
    So they rushed back from the tomb to tell his eleven disciples— and everyone else— what had happened.