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  • John 11:39
    “ Take away the stone,” he said.“ But, Lord,” said Martha, the sister of the dead man,“ by this time there is a bad smell. Lazarus has been in the tomb for four days.”
  • Hosea 6:2
    After two days he will give us new life. On the third day he’ll make us like new again. Then we will enjoy his blessing.
  • Acts 2:27-31
    You will not leave me in the place of the dead. You will not let your holy one rot away.You always show me the path that leads to life. You will fill me with joy when I am with you.’( Psalm 16:8–11)“ Fellow Israelites, you can be sure that King David died. He was buried. His tomb is still here today.But David was a prophet. He knew that God had made a promise to him. God had promised that he would make someone in David’s family line king after him.David saw what was coming. So he spoke about the Messiah rising from the dead. He said that the Messiah would not be left in the place of the dead. His body wouldn’t rot in the ground.
  • John 2:19
    Jesus answered them,“ When you destroy this temple, I will raise it up again in three days.”