Psalm 134sn Psalm 134. The psalmist calls on the temple servants to praise God (vv. 1-2). They in turn pronounce a blessing on the psalmist (v. 3).
A song of ascents.sn The precise significance of this title, which appears in Pss 120-134, is unclear. Perhaps worshipers recited these psalms when they ascended the road to Jerusalem to celebrate annual religious festivals. For a discussion of their background see L. C. Allen, Psalms 101-150 (WBC), 219-21.
1 Attention!tn Heb “Look!” Praise the Lord,
all you servants of the Lord,
who servetn Heb “stand.” in the Lord’s temple during the night.
2 Lift your hands toward the sanctuary
and praise the Lord!
3 May the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth,
bless youtn The pronominal suffix is second masculine singular, suggesting that the servants addressed in vv. 1-2 are responding to the psalmist. from Zion!tn Heb “may the Lord bless you from Zion, the maker of heaven and earth.”