A Cry for Truth and Peace
A song of ascents.
1In my distress I called to the Lord,
and He answered me. Ps 18:6; Jnh 2:2
2Lord, deliver me from lying lips
and a deceitful tongue.” Pr 12:22
3What will He give you,
and what will He do to you,
you deceitful tongue? Zph 3:13
4A warrior’s sharp arrows
with burning charcoal! Lit with coals of the broom bush Pr 25:18,22
5What misery that I have stayed in Meshech, = a people far to the north of Palestine Ezk 27:13
that I have lived among the tents of Kedar! = a nomadic people of the desert to the southeast Sg 1:5; Ezk 27:21
6I have lived too long
with those who hate peace. Ps 35:20
7I am for peace; but when I speak,
they are for war. Ps 109:4