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  • Job 37:2-5
    Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth.He unleashes his lightning beneath the whole heaven and sends it to the ends of the earth.After that comes the sound of his roar; he thunders with his majestic voice. When his voice resounds, he holds nothing back.God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.
  • Psalms 93:3-4
    The seas have lifted up, Lord, the seas have lifted up their voice; the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea— the Lord on high is mighty.
  • Matthew 8:26-27
    He replied,“ You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.The men were amazed and asked,“ What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”
  • Revelation 4:5
    From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder. In front of the throne, seven lamps were blazing. These are the seven spirits of God.
  • Revelation 17:14-15
    They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings— and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.”Then the angel said to me,“ The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.
  • Psalms 18:13-15
    The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded.He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy, with great bolts of lightning he routed them.The valleys of the sea were exposed and the foundations of the earth laid bare at your rebuke, Lord, at the blast of breath from your nostrils.
  • Exodus 19:16
    On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled.
  • Revelation 16:18
    Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake.
  • Psalms 24:7-10
    Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty— he is the King of glory.
  • Exodus 9:33
    Then Moses left Pharaoh and went out of the city. He spread out his hands toward the Lord; the thunder and hail stopped, and the rain no longer poured down on the land.
  • Revelation 11:19
    Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a severe hailstorm.
  • 1 Samuel 7 10
    While Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to engage Israel in battle. But that day the Lord thundered with loud thunder against the Philistines and threw them into such a panic that they were routed before the Israelites.
  • Exodus 9:28
    Pray to the Lord, for we have had enough thunder and hail. I will let you go; you don’t have to stay any longer.”
  • Revelation 19:6
    Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting:“ Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
  • John 12:29
    The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him.
  • Acts 7:2
    To this he replied:“ Brothers and fathers, listen to me! The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham while he was still in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Harran.
  • Psalms 104:3
    and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.
  • Psalms 77:16-19
    The waters saw you, God, the waters saw you and writhed; the very depths were convulsed.The clouds poured down water, the heavens resounded with thunder; your arrows flashed back and forth.Your thunder was heard in the whirlwind, your lightning lit up the world; the earth trembled and quaked.Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.
  • Revelation 8:5
    Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.