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  • Matthew 9:4
    Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said,“ Why do you think evil in your hearts?
  • 2 Kings 19 27
    But I know your sitting down, your going out, your coming in, and your raging against me.
  • Psalms 94:11
    Yahweh knows the thoughts of man, that they are futile.
  • Proverbs 15:3
    Yahweh’s eyes are everywhere, keeping watch on the evil and the good.
  • John 2:24-25
    But Jesus didn’t entrust himself to them, because he knew everyone,and because he didn’t need for anyone to testify concerning man; for he himself knew what was in man.
  • Isaiah 37:28
    But I know your sitting down, your going out, your coming in, and your raging against me.
  • Psalms 56:8
    You count my wanderings. You put my tears into your container. Aren’t they in your book?
  • Luke 9:47
    Jesus, perceiving the reasoning of their hearts, took a little child, and set him by his side,
  • 2 Kings 6 12
    One of his servants said,“ No, my lord, O king; but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedroom.”
  • Ezekiel 38:10-11
    “‘ The Lord Yahweh says:“ It will happen in that day that things will come into your mind, and you will devise an evil plan.You will say,‘ I will go up to the land of unwalled villages. I will go to those who are at rest, who dwell securely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates,
  • Zechariah 4:10
    Indeed, who despises the day of small things? For these seven shall rejoice, and shall see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel. These are Yahweh’s eyes, which run back and forth through the whole earth.”
  • Genesis 16:13
    She called the name of Yahweh who spoke to her,“ You are a God who sees,” for she said,“ Have I even stayed alive after seeing him?”
  • Ezekiel 38:17
    “‘ The Lord Yahweh says:“ Are you he of whom I spoke in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied in those days for years that I would bring you against them?
  • 1 Corinthians 4 5
    Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each man will get his praise from God.