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  • Job 12:22
    He reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deepest darkness into the light.
  • Psalms 94:7
    They say,“ The LORD doesn’t see it. The God of Jacob doesn’t pay attention.”
  • Jeremiah 23:24
    Can a person hide in secret places where I cannot see him?”— the LORD’s declaration.“ Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?”— the LORD’s declaration.
  • Psalms 10:11-13
    He says to himself,“ God has forgotten; he hides his face and will never see.”Rise up, LORD God! Lift up your hand. Do not forget the oppressed.Why has the wicked person despised God? He says to himself,“ You will not demand an account.”
  • Job 22:12-14
    Isn’t God as high as the heavens? And look at the highest stars— how lofty they are!Yet you say,“ What does God know? Can he judge through total darkness?Clouds veil him so that he cannot see, as he walks on the circle of the sky.”
  • Isaiah 29:15
    Woe to those who go to great lengths to hide their plans from the LORD. They do their works in the dark, and say,“ Who sees us? Who knows us?”