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  • Psalms 91:3
    For it is He who rescues you from the net of the trapper And from the deadly plague.
  • Proverbs 6:5
    Save yourself like a gazelle from the hunter’s hand, And like a bird from the hand of the fowler.
  • Psalms 25:15
    My eyes are continually toward the Lord, For He will rescue my feet from the net.
  • 2 Samuel 17 21-2 Samuel 17 22
    It came about after they had departed, that they came up out of the well and went and reported to King David; and they said to David,“ Set out and cross over the water quickly, because this is what Ahithophel has advised against you.”Then David and all the people who were with him set out and crossed the Jordan; by dawn not even one remained who had not crossed the Jordan.
  • 2 Timothy 2 26
    and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.
  • Jeremiah 18:22
    May a cry be heard from their houses When You suddenly bring raiders upon them; For they have dug a pit to capture me And hidden snares for my feet.
  • 1 Samuel 24 14-1 Samuel 24 15
    After whom has the king of Israel gone out? Whom are you pursuing? A dead dog, a single flea?May the Lord therefore be judge and decide between you and me; and may He see and plead my cause and save me from your hand.”
  • 2 Samuel 17 2
    And I will attack him while he is weary and exhausted and startle him, so that all the people who are with him will flee. Then I will strike and kill the king when he is alone,
  • 1 Samuel 23 26-1 Samuel 23 27
    Saul went on one side of the mountain, and David and his men on the other side of the mountain; and David was hurrying to get away from Saul, while Saul and his men were surrounding David and his men to apprehend them.But a messenger came to Saul, saying,“ Hurry and come, for the Philistines have launched an attack against the land!”
  • 1 Samuel 25 29
    Should anyone rise up to pursue you and to seek your life, then the life of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of the living with the Lord your God; but the lives of your enemies He will sling out as from the hollow of a sling.
  • Jeremiah 5:26
    For wicked people are found among My people, They watch like fowlers lying in wait; They set a trap, They catch people.