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  • Psalms 6:5
    Among the dead no one proclaims your name. Who praises you from the grave?
  • Psalms 31:17
    Let me not be put to shame, Lord, for I have cried out to you; but let the wicked be put to shame and be silent in the realm of the dead.
  • Psalms 88:10-12
    Do you show your wonders to the dead? Do their spirits rise up and praise you?Is your love declared in the grave, your faithfulness in Destruction?Are your wonders known in the place of darkness, or your righteous deeds in the land of oblivion?
  • Isaiah 38:18-19
    For the grave cannot praise you, death cannot sing your praise; those who go down to the pit cannot hope for your faithfulness.The living, the living— they praise you, as I am doing today; parents tell their children about your faithfulness.
  • 1 Samuel 2 9
    He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness.“ It is not by strength that one prevails;
  • Psalms 30:9
    “ What is gained if I am silenced, if I go down to the pit? Will the dust praise you? Will it proclaim your faithfulness?