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  • Job 37:8
    The wild animals take cover and stay inside their dens.
  • Nahum 3:17
    Your guards and officials are also like swarming locusts that crowd together in the hedges on a cold day. But like locusts that fly away when the sun comes up, all of them will fly away and disappear.
  • Job 24:13-17
    “ Wicked people rebel against the light. They refuse to acknowledge its ways or stay in its paths.The murderer rises in the early dawn to kill the poor and needy; at night he is a thief.The adulterer waits for the twilight, saying,‘ No one will see me then.’ He hides his face so no one will know him.Thieves break into houses at night and sleep in the daytime. They are not acquainted with the light.The black night is their morning. They ally themselves with the terrors of the darkness.
  • John 3:20
    All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed.