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  • Luke 22:52-53
    Then Jesus said to the chief priests, temple police, and the elders who had come for him,“ Have you come out with swords and clubs as if I were a criminal?Every day while I was with you in the temple, you never laid a hand on me. But this is your hour— and the dominion of darkness.”
  • 1 Samuel 24 14-1 Samuel 24 15
    Who has the king of Israel come after? What are you chasing after? A dead dog? A single flea?May the LORD be judge and decide between you and me. May he take notice and plead my case and deliver me from you.”
  • 1 Samuel 26 18
    Then he continued,“ Why is my lord pursuing his servant? What have I done? What crime have I committed?
  • Matthew 26:55
    At that time Jesus said to the crowds,“ Have you come out with swords and clubs, as if I were a criminal, to capture me? Every day I used to sit, teaching in the temple, and you didn’t arrest me.