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  • Luke 17:37
    “ Where, Lord?” his disciples asked. He replied,“ The vultures will gather where there is a dead body.”
  • Amos 9:1-4
    I saw the Lord standing next to the altar in the temple. He said to me,“ Strike the tops of the temple pillars. Then the heavy stones at the base of the entrance will shake. Bring everything down on the heads of everyone there. I will kill with my swords those who are left alive. None of the Israelites will escape. None will get away.They might dig down deep. But my powerful hand will take them out of there. They might climb up to the heavens. But I will bring them down from there.They might hide on top of Mount Carmel. But I will hunt them down and grab them. They might hide from me at the bottom of the ocean. But even there I will command the serpent to bite them.Their enemies might take them away as prisoners to another country. But there I will command Israel’s enemies to cut them down with swords. I will keep my eye on Israel to harm them. I will not help them.”
  • Job 39:27-30
    Do you command eagles to fly so high? They build their nests as high as they can.They live on cliffs and stay there at night. High up on the rocks they think they are safe.From there they look for their food. They can see it from far away.Their little ones like to eat blood. Eagles gather where they see dead bodies.”
  • Deuteronomy 28:49
    The Lord will bring a nation against you from far away. It will come from the ends of the earth. It will dive down on you like an eagle. You won’t understand that nation’s language.
  • Jeremiah 16:16
    “ But now I will send for many fishermen,” announces the Lord.“ They will catch some of these people. After that, I will send for many hunters. They will hunt down the others on every mountain and hill. They will bring them out of the cracks in the rocks.