<< Matthew 24:25 >>



  • Luke 21:13
    And so you will be witnesses about me.
  • Isaiah 46:10-11
    Before something even happens, I announce how it will end. In fact, from times long ago I announced what was still to come. I say,‘ My plan will succeed. I will do anything I want to do.’I will send for a man from the east to carry out my plan. From a land far away, he will come like a bird that kills its food. I will bring about what I have said. I will do what I have planned.
  • John 16:1
    “ I have told you all this so that you will not turn away from the truth.
  • Isaiah 44:7-8
    Who is like me? Let him come forward and speak boldly. Let him tell me everything that has happened since I created my people long ago. And let him tell me what has not happened yet. Let him announce ahead of time what is going to take place.Do not tremble with fear. Do not be afraid. Didn’t I announce everything that has happened? Didn’t I tell you about it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any other God but me? No! There is no other Rock. I do not know even one.”
  • Isaiah 48:5-6
    So I told you those things long ago. Before they happened I announced them to you. I did it so you would not be able to say,‘ My statues of gods did them. My wooden and metal gods made them happen.’You have heard me tell you these things. Think about all of them. Won’t you admit they have taken place?“ From now on I will tell you about new things that will happen. I have not made them known to you before.