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  • 1 Timothy 5 8
    But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.
  • Psalms 119:126
    Lord, it is time for you to act, for these evil people have violated your instructions.
  • Jeremiah 8:8
    “‘ How can you say,“ We are wise because we have the word of the Lord,” when your teachers have twisted it by writing lies?
  • 1 Timothy 5 16
    If a woman who is a believer has relatives who are widows, she must take care of them and not put the responsibility on the church. Then the church can care for the widows who are truly alone.
  • Mark 7:13
    And so you cancel the word of God in order to hand down your own tradition. And this is only one example among many others.”
  • Malachi 2:7-9
    “ The words of a priest’s lips should preserve knowledge of God, and people should go to him for instruction, for the priest is the messenger of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.But you priests have left God’s paths. Your instructions have caused many to stumble into sin. You have corrupted the covenant I made with the Levites,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.“ So I have made you despised and humiliated in the eyes of all the people. For you have not obeyed me but have shown favoritism in the way you carry out my instructions.”
  • Psalms 119:139
    I am overwhelmed with indignation, for my enemies have disregarded your words.
  • Romans 3:31
    Well then, if we emphasize faith, does this mean that we can forget about the law? Of course not! In fact, only when we have faith do we truly fulfill the law.
  • Hosea 4:6
    My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me. Since you priests refuse to know me, I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children.
  • 1 Timothy 5 3-1 Timothy 5 4
    Take care of any widow who has no one else to care for her.But if she has children or grandchildren, their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them. This is something that pleases God.