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  • Acts 3:13-14
    The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified His Servant Jesus, whom you handed over and denied in the presence of Pilate, when he had decided to release Him.But you denied the Holy and Righteous One and asked to have a murderer given to you.
  • 2 Timothy 2 10-2 Timothy 2 12
    This is why I endure all things for the elect: so that they also may obtain salvation, which is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.This saying is trustworthy: For if we have died with Him, we will also live with Him;if we endure, we will also reign with Him; if we deny Him, He will also deny us;
  • John 18:27
    Peter then denied it again. Immediately a rooster crowed.
  • 1John 1:9
  • Matthew 10:33
    But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.
  • John 18:25
    Now Simon Peter was standing and warming himself. They said to him,“ You aren’t one of His disciples too, are you?” He denied it and said,“ I am not!”
  • Luke 12:9
    but whoever denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God.
  • Luke 22:33-34
    “ Lord,” he told Him,“ I’m ready to go with You both to prison and to death!”“ I tell you, Peter,” He said,“ the rooster will not crow today until you deny three times that you know Me!”
  • Matthew 26:70
    But he denied it in front of everyone:“ I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
  • Acts 3:19
    Therefore repent and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,