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  • Mark 14:53-54
    They led Jesus away to the high priest, and all the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes assembled.Peter followed him at a distance, right into the high priest’s courtyard. He was sitting with the servants, warming himself by the fire.
  • Matthew 26:57-58
    Those who had arrested Jesus led him away to Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders had convened.Peter was following him at a distance right to the high priest’s courtyard. He went in and was sitting with the servants to see the outcome.
  • Luke 22:33-34
    “ Lord,” he told him,“ I’m ready to go with you both to prison and to death.”“ I tell you, Peter,” he said,“ the rooster will not crow today until you deny three times that you know me.”
  • John 18:12-17
    Then the company of soldiers, the commander, and the Jewish officials arrested Jesus and tied him up.First they led him to Annas, since he was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was high priest that year.Caiaphas was the one who had advised the Jews that it would be better for one man to die for the people.Simon Peter was following Jesus, as was another disciple. That disciple was an acquaintance of the high priest; so he went with Jesus into the high priest’s courtyard.But Peter remained standing outside by the door. So the other disciple, the one known to the high priest, went out and spoke to the girl who was the doorkeeper and brought Peter in.Then the servant girl who was the doorkeeper said to Peter,“ You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?”“ I am not,” he said.
  • John 18:24
    Then Annas sent him bound to Caiaphas the high priest.
  • 2 Chronicles 32 31
    When the ambassadors of Babylon’s rulers were sent to him to inquire about the miraculous sign that happened in the land, God left him to test him and discover what was in his heart.