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  • Acts 5:24
    As the captain of the temple police and the chief priests heard these things, they were baffled about them, wondering what would come of this.
  • Acts 4:1
    While they were speaking to the people, the priests, the captain of the temple police, and the Sadducees confronted them,
  • Acts 5:26
    Then the commander went with the servants and brought them in without force, because they were afraid the people might stone them.
  • Mark 14:10-11
    Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them.And when they heard this, they were glad and promised to give him money. So he started looking for a good opportunity to betray him.
  • Matthew 26:14
    Then one of the Twelve, the man called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests
  • Luke 22:52
    Then Jesus said to the chief priests, temple police, and the elders who had come for him,“ Have you come out with swords and clubs as if I were a criminal?