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  • Acts 2:23
    this man, who was handed over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you executed by nailing him to a cross at the hands of Gentiles.
  • 1 Corinthians 15 3-1 Corinthians 15 4
    For I passed on to you as of first importance what I also received– that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures,and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures,
  • Acts 1:16-25
    “ Brothers, the scripture had to be fulfilled that the Holy Spirit foretold through David concerning Judas– who became the guide for those who arrested Jesus–for he was counted as one of us and received a share in this ministry.”( Now this man Judas acquired a field with the reward of his unjust deed, and falling headfirst he burst open in the middle and all his intestines gushed out.This became known to all who lived in Jerusalem, so that in their own language they called that field Hakeldama, that is,“ Field of Blood.”)“ For it is written in the book of Psalms,‘ Let his house become deserted, and let there be no one to live in it,’ and‘ Let another take his position of responsibility.’Thus one of the men who have accompanied us during all the time the Lord Jesus associated with us,beginning from his baptism by John until the day he was taken up from us– one of these must become a witness of his resurrection together with us.”So they proposed two candidates: Joseph called Barsabbas( also called Justus) and Matthias.Then they prayed,“ Lord, you know the hearts of all. Show us which one of these two you have chosento assume the task of this service and apostleship from which Judas turned aside to go to his own place.”
  • Matthew 27:5
    So Judas threw the silver coins into the temple and left. Then he went out and hanged himself.
  • Psalms 69:1-36
    Deliver me, O God, for the water has reached my neck.I sink into the deep mire where there is no solid ground; I am in deep water, and the current overpowers me.I am exhausted from shouting for help; my throat is sore; my eyes grow tired of looking for my God.Those who hate me without cause are more numerous than the hairs of my head. Those who want to destroy me, my enemies for no reason, outnumber me. They make me repay what I did not steal!O God, you are aware of my foolish sins; my guilt is not hidden from you.Let none who rely on you be disgraced because of me, O sovereign LORD and king! Let none who seek you be ashamed because of me, O God of Israel!For I suffer humiliation for your sake and am thoroughly disgraced.My own brothers treat me like a stranger; they act as if I were a foreigner.Certainly zeal for your house consumes me; I endure the insults of those who insult you.I weep and refrain from eating food, which causes others to insult me.I wear sackcloth and they ridicule me.Those who sit at the city gate gossip about me; drunkards mock me in their songs.O LORD, may you hear my prayer and be favorably disposed to me! O God, because of your great loyal love, answer me with your faithful deliverance!Rescue me from the mud! Don’t let me sink! Deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep water!Don’t let the current overpower me! Don’t let the deep swallow me up! Don’t let the pit devour me!Answer me, O LORD, for your loyal love is good! Because of your great compassion, turn toward me!Do not ignore your servant, for I am in trouble! Answer me right away!Come near me and redeem me! Because of my enemies, rescue me!You know how I am insulted, humiliated and disgraced; you can see all my enemies.Their insults are painful and make me lose heart; I look for sympathy, but receive none, for comforters, but find none.They put bitter poison into my food, and to quench my thirst they give me vinegar to drink.May their dining table become a trap before them! May it be a snare for that group of friends!May their eyes be blinded! Make them shake violently!Pour out your judgment on them! May your raging anger overtake them!May their camp become desolate, their tents uninhabited!For they harass the one whom you discipline; they spread the news about the suffering of those whom you punish.Hold them accountable for all their sins! Do not vindicate them!May their names be deleted from the scroll of the living! Do not let their names be listed with the godly!I am oppressed and suffering! O God, deliver and protect me!I will sing praises to God’s name! I will magnify him as I give him thanks!That will please the LORD more than an ox or a bull with horns and hooves.The oppressed look on– let them rejoice! You who seek God, may you be encouraged!For the LORD listens to the needy; he does not despise his captive people.Let the heavens and the earth praise him, along with the seas and everything that swims in them!For God will deliver Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah, and his people will again live in them and possess Zion.The descendants of his servants will inherit it, and those who are loyal to him will live in it.
  • Acts 26:22-23
    I have experienced help from God to this day, and so I stand testifying to both small and great, saying nothing except what the prophets and Moses said was going to happen:that the Christ was to suffer and be the first to rise from the dead, to proclaim light both to our people and to the Gentiles.”
  • Matthew 26:53-54
    Or do you think that I cannot call on my Father, and that he would send me more than twelve legions of angels right now?How then would the scriptures that say it must happen this way be fulfilled?”
  • Genesis 3:15
    And I will put hostility between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring; her offspring will attack your head, and you will attack her offspring’s heel.”
  • 2 Peter 2 3
    And in their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words. Their condemnation pronounced long ago is not sitting idly by; their destruction is not asleep.
  • Acts 13:27-28
    For the people who live in Jerusalem and their rulers did not recognize him, and they fulfilled the sayings of the prophets that are read every Sabbath by condemning him.Though they found no basis for a death sentence, they asked Pilate to have him executed.
  • Psalms 109:6-15
    Appoint an evil man to testify against him! May an accuser stand at his right side!When he is judged, he will be found guilty! Then his prayer will be regarded as sinful.May his days be few! May another take his job!May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow!May his children roam around begging, asking for handouts as they leave their ruined home!May the creditor seize all he owns! May strangers loot his property!May no one show him kindness! May no one have compassion on his fatherless children!May his descendants be cut off! May the memory of them be wiped out by the time the next generation arrives!May his ancestors’ sins be remembered by the LORD! May his mother’s sin not be forgotten!May the LORD be constantly aware of them, and cut off the memory of his children from the earth!
  • Isaiah 53:1-12
    Who would have believed what we just heard? When was the LORD’s power revealed through him?He sprouted up like a twig before God, like a root out of parched soil; he had no stately form or majesty that might catch our attention, no special appearance that we should want to follow him.He was despised and rejected by people, one who experienced pain and was acquainted with illness; people hid their faces from him; he was despised, and we considered him insignificant.But he lifted up our illnesses, he carried our pain; even though we thought he was being punished, attacked by God, and afflicted for something he had done.He was wounded because of our rebellious deeds, crushed because of our sins; he endured punishment that made us well; because of his wounds we have been healed.All of us had wandered off like sheep; each of us had strayed off on his own path, but the LORD caused the sin of all of us to attack him.He was treated harshly and afflicted, but he did not even open his mouth. Like a lamb led to the slaughtering block, like a sheep silent before her shearers, he did not even open his mouth.He was led away after an unjust trial– but who even cared? Indeed, he was cut off from the land of the living; because of the rebellion of his own people he was wounded.They intended to bury him with criminals, but he ended up in a rich man’s tomb, because he had committed no violent deeds, nor had he spoken deceitfully.Though the LORD desired to crush him and make him ill, once restitution is made, he will see descendants and enjoy long life, and the LORD’s purpose will be accomplished through him.Having suffered, he will reflect on his work, he will be satisfied when he understands what he has done.“ My servant will acquit many, for he carried their sins.So I will assign him a portion with the multitudes, he will divide the spoils of victory with the powerful, because he willingly submitted to death and was numbered with the rebels, when he lifted up the sin of many and intervened on behalf of the rebels.”
  • Psalms 55:12-15
    Indeed, it is not an enemy who insults me, or else I could bear it; it is not one who hates me who arrogantly taunts me, or else I could hide from him.But it is you, a man like me, my close friend in whom I confided.We would share personal thoughts with each other; in God’s temple we would walk together among the crowd.May death destroy them! May they go down alive into Sheol! For evil is in their dwelling place and in their midst.
  • Psalms 22:1-31
    My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? I groan in prayer, but help seems far away.My God, I cry out during the day, but you do not answer, and during the night my prayers do not let up.You are holy; you sit as king receiving the praises of Israel.In you our ancestors trusted; they trusted in you and you rescued them.To you they cried out, and they were saved; in you they trusted and they were not disappointed.But I am a worm, not a man; people insult me and despise me.All who see me taunt me; they mock me and shake their heads.They say,“ Commit yourself to the LORD! Let the LORD rescue him! Let the LORD deliver him, for he delights in him.”Yes, you are the one who brought me out from the womb and made me feel secure on my mother’s breasts.I have been dependent on you since birth; from the time I came out of my mother’s womb you have been my God.Do not remain far away from me, for trouble is near and I have no one to help me.Many bulls surround me; powerful bulls of Bashan hem me in.They open their mouths to devour me like a roaring lion that rips its prey.My strength drains away like water; all my bones are dislocated; my heart is like wax; it melts away inside me.The roof of my mouth is as dry as a piece of pottery; my tongue sticks to my gums. You set me in the dust of death.Yes, wild dogs surround me– a gang of evil men crowd around me; like a lion they pin my hands and feet.I can count all my bones; my enemies are gloating over me in triumph.They are dividing up my clothes among themselves; they are rolling dice for my garments.But you, O LORD, do not remain far away! You are my source of strength! Hurry and help me!Deliver me from the sword! Save my life from the claws of the wild dogs!Rescue me from the mouth of the lion, and from the horns of the wild oxen! You have answered me!I will declare your name to my countrymen! In the middle of the assembly I will praise you!You loyal followers of the LORD, praise him! All you descendants of Jacob, honor him! All you descendants of Israel, stand in awe of him!For he did not despise or detest the suffering of the oppressed; he did not ignore him; when he cried out to him, he responded.You are the reason I offer praise in the great assembly; I will fulfill my promises before the LORD’s loyal followers.Let the oppressed eat and be filled! Let those who seek his help praise the LORD! May you live forever!Let all the people of the earth acknowledge the LORD and turn to him! Let all the nations worship you!For the LORD is king and rules over the nations.All of the thriving people of the earth will join the celebration and worship; all those who are descending into the grave will bow before him, including those who cannot preserve their lives.A whole generation will serve him; they will tell the next generation about the sovereign Lord.They will come and tell about his saving deeds; they will tell a future generation what he has accomplished.
  • Matthew 26:24
    The Son of Man will go as it is written about him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would be better for him if he had never been born.”
  • Acts 4:25-28
    who said by the Holy Spirit through your servant David our forefather,‘ Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot foolish things?The kings of the earth stood together, and the rulers assembled together, against the Lord and against his Christ.’“ For indeed both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles and the people of Israel, assembled together in this city against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed,to do as much as your power and your plan had decided beforehand would happen.
  • Daniel 9:24-26
    “ Seventy weeks have been determined concerning your people and your holy city to put an end to rebellion, to bring sin to completion, to atone for iniquity, to bring in perpetual righteousness, to seal up the prophetic vision, and to anoint a most holy place.So know and understand: From the issuing of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until an anointed one, a prince arrives, there will be a period of seven weeks and sixty-two weeks. It will again be built, with plaza and moat, but in distressful times.Now after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one will be cut off and have nothing. As for the city and the sanctuary, the people of the coming prince will destroy them. But his end will come speedily like a flood. Until the end of the war that has been decreed there will be destruction.
  • John 17:12
    When I was with them I kept them safe and watched over them in your name that you have given me. Not one of them was lost except the one destined for destruction, so that the scripture could be fulfilled.
  • Zechariah 13:7
    “ Awake, sword, against my shepherd, against the man who is my associate,” says the LORD who rules over all. Strike the shepherd that the flock may be scattered; I will turn my hand against the insignificant ones.
  • Luke 24:25-27
    So he said to them,“ You foolish people– how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!Wasn’t it necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and enter into his glory?”Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things written about himself in all the scriptures.
  • 1 Peter 1 11
    They probed into what person or time the Spirit of Christ within them was indicating when he testified beforehand about the sufferings appointed for Christ and his subsequent glory.
  • Luke 24:46
    and said to them,“ Thus it stands written that the Christ would suffer and would rise from the dead on the third day,
  • Mark 14:21
    For the Son of Man will go as it is written about him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would be better for him if he had never been born.”