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  • Psalms 37:35-36
    I have seen a wicked, violent man well-rooted like a flourishing native tree.Then I passed by and noticed he was gone; I searched for him, but he could not be found.
  • Esther 5:11-12
    Then Haman described for them his glorious wealth and his many sons. He told them all how the king had honored him and promoted him in rank over the other officials and the royal staff.“ What’s more,” Haman added,“ Queen Esther invited no one but me to join the king at the banquet she had prepared. I am invited again tomorrow to join her with the king.
  • Job 27:13-23
    This is a wicked man’s lot from God, the inheritance the ruthless receive from the Almighty.Even if his children increase, they are destined for the sword; his descendants will never have enough food.Those who survive him will be buried by the plague, yet their widows will not weep for them.Though he piles up silver like dust and heaps up a wardrobe like clay—he may heap it up, but the righteous will wear it, and the innocent will divide up his silver.The house he built is like a moth’s cocoon or a booth set up by a watchman.He lies down wealthy, but will do so no more; when he opens his eyes, it is gone.Terrors overtake him like a flood; a storm wind sweeps him away at night.An east wind picks him up, and he is gone; it carries him away from his place.It blasts at him without mercy, while he flees desperately from its grasp.It claps its hands at him and scorns him from its place.
  • Job 27:8
    For what hope does the godless man have when he is cut off, when God takes away his life?
  • Job 18:5-6
    Yes, the light of the wicked is extinguished; the flame of his fire does not glow.The light in his tent grows dark, and the lamp beside him is put out.
  • Judges 16:21-30
    The Philistines seized him and gouged out his eyes. They brought him down to Gaza and bound him with bronze shackles, and he was forced to grind grain in the prison.But his hair began to grow back after it had been shaved.Now the Philistine leaders gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to their god Dagon. They rejoiced and said: Our god has handed over our enemy Samson to us.When the people saw him, they praised their god and said: Our god has handed over to us our enemy who destroyed our land and who multiplied our dead.When they were drunk, they said,“ Bring Samson here to entertain us.” So they brought Samson from prison, and he entertained them. They had him stand between the pillars.Samson said to the young man who was leading him by the hand,“ Lead me where I can feel the pillars supporting the temple, so I can lean against them.”The temple was full of men and women; all the leaders of the Philistines were there, and about 3,000 men and women were on the roof watching Samson entertain them.He called out to the Lord:“ Lord God, please remember me. Strengthen me, God, just once more. With one act of vengeance, let me pay back the Philistines for my two eyes.”Samson took hold of the two middle pillars supporting the temple and leaned against them, one on his right hand and the other on his left.Samson said,“ Let me die with the Philistines.” He pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the leaders and all the people in it. And the dead he killed at his death were more than those he had killed in his life.
  • Job 5:3
    I have seen a fool taking root, but I immediately pronounced a curse on his home.
  • Psalms 73:18-20
    Indeed, You put them in slippery places; You make them fall into ruin.How suddenly they become a desolation! They come to an end, swept away by terrors.Like one waking from a dream, Lord, when arising, You will despise their image.
  • Esther 7:10
    They hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s anger subsided.
  • Acts 12:22-23
    The assembled people began to shout,“ It’s the voice of a god and not of a man!”At once an angel of the Lord struck him because he did not give the glory to God, and he became infected with worms and died.
  • Job 8:19
    Surely this is the joy of his way of life; yet others will sprout from the dust.
  • Matthew 7:21
    “ Not everyone who says to Me,‘ Lord, Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven.
  • Job 8:12-13
    While still uncut shoots, they would dry up quicker than any other plant.Such is the destiny of all who forget God; the hope of the godless will perish.
  • Job 15:29-34
    He will no longer be rich; his wealth will not endure. His possessions will not increase in the land.He will not escape from the darkness; flames will wither his shoots, and by the breath of God’s mouth, he will depart.Let him not put trust in worthless things, being led astray, for what he gets in exchange will prove worthless.It will be accomplished before his time, and his branch will not flourish.He will be like a vine that drops its unripe grapes and like an olive tree that sheds its blossoms.For the company of the godless will have no children, and fire will consume the tents of those who offer bribes.
  • Exodus 15:9-10
    The enemy said:“ I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil. My desire will be gratified at their expense. I will draw my sword; my hand will destroy them.”But You blew with Your breath, and the sea covered them. They sank like lead in the mighty waters.
  • James 4:16
    But as it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.
  • Matthew 13:20-21
    And the one sown on rocky ground— this is one who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy.Yet he has no root in himself, but is short-lived. When pressure or persecution comes because of the word, immediately he stumbles.
  • Galatians 6:4
    But each person should examine his own work, and then he will have a reason for boasting in himself alone, and not in respect to someone else.