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  • Isaiah 10:6
    I am sending Assyria against a godless nation, against a people with whom I am angry. Assyria will plunder them, trampling them like dirt beneath its feet.
  • Job 15:29
    Their riches will not last, and their wealth will not endure. Their possessions will no longer spread across the horizon.
  • Job 16:11
    God has handed me over to sinners. He has tossed me into the hands of the wicked.
  • Ecclesiastes 2:18-20
    I came to hate all my hard work here on earth, for I must leave to others everything I have earned.And who can tell whether my successors will be wise or foolish? Yet they will control everything I have gained by my skill and hard work under the sun. How meaningless!So I gave up in despair, questioning the value of all my hard work in this world.
  • Job 18:7
    The confident stride of the wicked will be shortened. Their own schemes will be their downfall.
  • Revelation 18:7
    She glorified herself and lived in luxury, so match it now with torment and sorrow. She boasted in her heart,‘ I am queen on my throne. I am no helpless widow, and I have no reason to mourn.’
  • Job 1:17
    While he was still speaking, a third messenger arrived with this news:“ Three bands of Chaldean raiders have stolen your camels and killed your servants. I am the only one who escaped to tell you.”
  • Job 3:17
    For in death the wicked cause no trouble, and the weary are at rest.
  • Psalms 39:5
    You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.” Interlude
  • 2 Kings 24 2
    Then the Lord sent bands of Babylonian, Aramean, Moabite, and Ammonite raiders against Judah to destroy it, just as the Lord had promised through his prophets.
  • Job 1:15
    when the Sabeans raided us. They stole all the animals and killed all the farmhands. I am the only one who escaped to tell you.”