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  • 1 Corinthians 15 35
    But someone will ask,“ How are the dead raised? What kind of body will they have?”
  • John 9:15
    So the Pharisees also asked him how he was able to see.“ He put mud on my eyes,” the man replied.“ Then I washed. And now I can see.”
  • John 9:26
    Then they asked him,“ What did he do to you? How did he open your eyes?”
  • Ecclesiastes 11:5
    You don’t know the path the wind takes. You don’t know how a baby is made inside its mother. So you can’t understand how God works either. He made everything.
  • Mark 4:27
    Night and day the seed comes up and grows. It happens whether the farmer sleeps or gets up. He doesn’t know how it happens.
  • John 3:9
    “ How can this be?” Nicodemus asked.
  • John 9:21
    But we don’t know how he can now see. And we don’t know who opened his eyes. Ask him. He is an adult. He can speak for himself.”