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  • John 7:18
    The one who speaks for himself seeks his own glory. But He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.
  • 1 Thessalonians 2 6
    and we didn’t seek glory from people, either from you or from others.
  • John 5:34
    I don’t receive man’s testimony, but I say these things so that you may be saved.
  • John 5:44
    How can you believe? While accepting glory from one another, you don’t seek the glory that comes from the only God.
  • 1 Peter 2 21
    For you were called to this, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you should follow in His steps.
  • John 8:54
    “ If I glorify Myself,” Jesus answered,“ My glory is nothing. My Father— you say about Him,‘ He is our God’— He is the One who glorifies Me.
  • John 6:15
    Therefore, when Jesus knew that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He withdrew again to the mountain by Himself.
  • 2 Peter 1 17
    For when He received honor and glory from God the Father, a voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory: This is My beloved Son. I take delight in Him!
  • John 8:50
    I do not seek My glory; the One who seeks it also judges.