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  • Matthew 28:8
    And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.
  • Luke 24:33
    And they rose up the same hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and found the eleven gathered together, and them that were with them,
  • John 4:7
    There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.
  • Mark 16:8-10
    And they went out quickly, and fled from the sepulchre; for they trembled and were amazed: neither said they any thing to any[ man]; for they were afraid.Now when[ Jesus] was risen early the first[ day] of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.[ And] she went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept.
  • Luke 24:9
    And returned from the sepulchre, and told all these things unto the eleven, and to all the rest.