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  • Luke 7:39
    Now when the Pharisee who had invited Him saw this, he said to himself,“ If this man were a prophet He would know who and what sort of person this woman is who is touching Him, that she is a sinner!”
  • Luke 7:16
    Fear gripped them all, and they began glorifying God, saying,“ A great prophet has appeared among us!” and,“ God has visited His people!”
  • John 9:17
    So they* said again to the man who was blind,“ What do you say about Him, since He opened your eyes?” And he said,“ He is a prophet.”
  • John 6:14
    Therefore when the people saw the sign which He had performed, they said,“ This is truly the Prophet who is to come into the world.”
  • Matthew 21:11
    And the crowds were saying,“ This is Jesus the prophet, from Nazareth in Galilee.”
  • Luke 24:19
    And He said to them,“ What sort of things?” And they said to Him,“ Those about Jesus the Nazarene, who proved to be a prophet mighty in deed and word in the sight of God and all the people,
  • John 7:40
    Some of the people therefore, after they heard these words, were saying,“ This truly is the Prophet.”
  • 2 Kings 6 12
    One of his servants said,“ No, my lord, the king; but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedroom.”
  • 2 Kings 5 26
    Then he said to him,“ Did my heart not go with you, when the man turned from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to accept money and to accept clothes, olive groves, vineyards, sheep, oxen, and male and female slaves?
  • John 4:29
    “ Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is He?”
  • 1 Corinthians 14 24-1 Corinthians 14 25
    But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an outsider enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all;the secrets of his heart are disclosed; and so he will fall on his face and worship God, declaring that God is certainly among you.
  • John 1:48-49
    Nathanael* said to Him,“ How do You know me?” Jesus answered and said to him,“ Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.”Nathanael answered Him,“ Rabbi, You are the Son of God; You are the King of Israel!”