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  • Isaiah 44:9
    Everyone who makes a carved image is vain. The things that they delight in will not profit. Their own witnesses don’t see, nor know, that they may be disappointed.
  • Isaiah 42:17
    “ Those who trust in engraved images, who tell molten images,‘ You are our gods,’ will be turned back. They will be utterly disappointed.
  • Isaiah 44:11
    Behold, all his fellows will be disappointed; and the workmen are mere men. Let them all be gathered together. Let them stand up. They will fear. They will be put to shame together.
  • Jeremiah 10:14-15
    Every man has become brutish and without knowledge. Every goldsmith is disappointed by his engraved image; for his molten image is falsehood, and there is no breath in them.They are vanity, a work of delusion. In the time of their visitation they will perish.
  • Jeremiah 2:26-27
    As the thief is ashamed when he is found, so the house of Israel is ashamed: they, their kings, their princes, their priests, and their prophets,who tell wood,‘ You are my father,’ and a stone,‘ You have given birth to me,’ for they have turned their back to me, and not their face; but in the time of their trouble they will say,‘ Arise, and save us!’
  • Isaiah 41:19
    I will put cedar, acacia, myrtle, and oil trees in the wilderness. I will set cypress trees, pine, and box trees together in the desert;
  • Psalms 97:7
    Let all them be shamed who serve engraved images, who boast in their idols. Worship him, all you gods!
  • Isaiah 45:20
    “ Assemble yourselves and come. Draw near together, you who have escaped from the nations. Those have no knowledge who carry the wood of their engraved image, and pray to a god that can’t save.