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  • 1 Kings 8 19
    But you will not build the temple. Instead, your son will build the temple for my Name. He is your own flesh and blood.’
  • Genesis 46:26
    The total number of people who went to Egypt with Jacob was 66. That number includes only his own children and grandchildren. It doesn’t include his sons’ wives or his grandsons’ wives.
  • Hebrews 7:5
    Now the law lays down a rule for the sons of Levi who become priests. They must collect a tenth from the people. They must collect it from the other Israelites. They must do this, even though all of them belong to the family line of Abraham.
  • Genesis 35:11
    God said to him,“ I am the Mighty God. Have children so that there will be many of you. You will become the father of a nation and a community of nations. Your later family will include kings.