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  • Leviticus 16:4
    He must put on a holy linen tunic, linen leggings are to cover his body, and he is to wrap himself with a linen sash and wrap his head with a linen turban. They are holy garments, so he must bathe his body in water and put them on.
  • Ezekiel 44:18
    Linen turbans will be on their heads and linen undergarments will be around their waists; they must not bind themselves with anything that causes sweat.
  • Leviticus 6:10
    Then the priest must put on his linen robe and must put linen leggings over his bare flesh, and he must take up the fatty ashes of the burnt offering that the fire consumed on the altar, and he must place them beside the altar.
  • Exodus 39:28
    and the turban of fine linen, the headbands of fine linen, and the undergarments of fine twisted linen.
  • Exodus 20:26
    And you must not go up by steps to my altar, so that your nakedness is not exposed.’
  • Revelation 3:18
    take my advice and buy gold from me refined by fire so you can become rich! Buy from me white clothing so you can be clothed and your shameful nakedness will not be exposed, and buy eye salve to put on your eyes so you can see!