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  • Revelation 4:3
    The one who sat there shone like jasper and ruby. Around the throne was a rainbow shining like an emerald.
  • Revelation 21:18-20
    The wall was made out of jasper. The city was made out of pure gold, as pure as glass.The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of jewel. The first foundation was made out of jasper. The second was made out of sapphire. The third was made out of agate. The fourth was made out of emerald.The fifth was made out of onyx. The sixth was made out of ruby. The seventh was made out of chrysolite. The eighth was made out of beryl. The ninth was made out of topaz. The tenth was made out of turquoise. The eleventh was made out of jacinth. The twelfth was made out of amethyst.
  • Revelation 21:11
    It shone with the glory of God. It gleamed like a very valuable jewel. It was like a jasper, as clear as crystal.
  • Daniel 10:6
    His body gleamed like topaz. His face shone like lightning. His eyes were like flaming torches. His arms and legs were as bright as polished bronze. And his voice was like the sound of a large crowd.
  • Ezekiel 1:16
    Here’s how the wheels looked and worked. They gleamed like topaz. All four of them looked alike. Each one seemed to be made like a wheel inside another wheel at right angles.
  • Ezekiel 10:9
    I looked up and saw four wheels beside the cherubim. One wheel was beside each of them. The wheels gleamed like topaz.