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  • Proverbs 24:17
    Don’t be happy when your enemy falls. When he trips, don’t let your heart be glad.
  • Job 31:28
    Then these things would have been sins that should be judged. And I wouldn’t have been faithful to God in heaven.
  • 1 Samuel 30 4
    So David and his men began to weep out loud. They wept until they couldn’t weep anymore.
  • 2 Samuel 1 12
    All of them were filled with sadness. They mourned over the whole nation of Israel. They didn’t eat anything until evening. That’s because Saul and Jonathan and the Lord’ s army had been killed by swords.
  • Luke 19:41-42
    He approached Jerusalem. When he saw the city, he began to weep.He said,“ I wish you had known today what would bring you peace! But now it is hidden from your eyes.
  • 2 Samuel 18 33
    The king was very upset. He went up to the room over the entrance of the gate and wept. As he went, he said,“ My son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! I wish I had died instead of you. Absalom! My son, my son!”