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  • Psalms 18:3
    I called out to the Lord. He is worthy of praise. He saved me from my enemies.
  • Romans 10:13
    Scripture says,“ Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”( Joel 2:32)
  • Psalms 48:1
    The Lord is great. He is really worthy of praise. Praise him in the city of our God, his holy mountain.
  • Psalms 96:4
    The Lord is great. He is really worthy of praise. People should have respect for him as the greatest God of all.
  • Psalms 116:4
    Then I called out to the Lord. I cried out,“ Lord, save me!”
  • Psalms 56:9
    My enemies will turn back when I call out to you for help. Then I will know that God is on my side.
  • Nehemiah 9:5
    Then some Levites spoke up. They included Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah and Pethahiah. They said to the people,“ Stand up. Praise the Lord your God. He lives for ever and ever!” So the people said,“ Lord, may your glorious name be praised. May it be lifted high above every other name that is blessed and praised.
  • Psalms 66:2
    Sing about the glory of his name! Give him glorious praise!
  • Psalms 106:2
    Who can speak enough about the mighty acts of the Lord? Who can praise him as much as he should be praised?
  • Psalms 50:15
    Call out to me when trouble comes. I will save you. And you will honor me.”
  • Psalms 116:17
    Lord, I will sacrifice a thank offering to you. I will worship you.
  • Psalms 116:2
    Because he paid attention to me, I will call out to him as long as I live.
  • Revelation 5:12
    In a loud voice they were saying,“ The Lamb, who was put to death, is worthy! He is worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength! He is worthy to receive honor and glory and praise!”
  • Psalms 55:16
    But I call out to God. And the Lord saves me.
  • Psalms 34:6
    This poor man called out, and the Lord heard him. He saved him out of all his troubles.
  • Psalms 148:1-4
    Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens. Praise him in the heavens above.Praise him, all his angels. Praise him, all his angels in heaven.Praise him, sun and moon. Praise him, all you shining stars.Praise him, you highest heavens. Praise him, you waters above the skies.
  • Psalms 57:1-3
    Have mercy on me, God. Have mercy on me. I go to you for safety. I will find safety in the shadow of your wings. There I will stay until the danger is gone.I cry out to God Most High. I cry out to God, and he shows that I am right.He answers from heaven and saves me. He puts to shame those who chase me. He shows his love and that he is faithful.
  • Revelation 4:11
    “ You are worthy, our Lord and God! You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power. You are worthy because you created all things. They were created and they exist. This is the way you planned it.”
  • Psalms 116:13
    I will bring an offering of wine to the Lord and thank him for saving me. I will worship him.