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  • Romans 8:37
    No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.
  • 2 Samuel 10 14
    And when the Ammonites saw the Arameans running, they ran from Abishai and retreated into the city. After the battle was over, Joab returned to Jerusalem.
  • 2 Samuel 8 13-2 Samuel 8 14
    So David became even more famous when he returned from destroying 18,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt.He placed army garrisons throughout Edom, and all the Edomites became David’s subjects. In fact, the Lord made David victorious wherever he went.
  • 2 Samuel 8 1-2 Samuel 8 2
    After this, David defeated and subdued the Philistines by conquering Gath, their largest town.David also conquered the land of Moab. He made the people lie down on the ground in a row, and he measured them off in groups with a length of rope. He measured off two groups to be executed for every one group to be spared. The Moabites who were spared became David’s subjects and paid him tribute money.
  • 2 Samuel 5 18-2 Samuel 5 25
    The Philistines arrived and spread out across the valley of Rephaim.So David asked the Lord,“ Should I go out to fight the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?” The Lord replied to David,“ Yes, go ahead. I will certainly hand them over to you.”So David went to Baal perazim and defeated the Philistines there.“ The Lord did it!” David exclaimed.“ He burst through my enemies like a raging flood!” So he named that place Baal perazim( which means“ the Lord who bursts through”).The Philistines had abandoned their idols there, so David and his men confiscated them.But after a while the Philistines returned and again spread out across the valley of Rephaim.And again David asked the Lord what to do.“ Do not attack them straight on,” the Lord replied.“ Instead, circle around behind and attack them near the poplar trees.When you hear a sound like marching feet in the tops of the poplar trees, be on the alert! That will be the signal that the Lord is moving ahead of you to strike down the Philistine army.”So David did what the Lord commanded, and he struck down the Philistines all the way from Gibeon to Gezer.
  • Psalms 21:8-9
    You will capture all your enemies. Your strong right hand will seize all who hate you.You will throw them in a flaming furnace when you appear. The Lord will consume them in his anger; fire will devour them.