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  • Proverbs 4:12
    When you walk, nothing will slow you down. When you run, you won’t trip and fall.
  • 1 Samuel 2 9
    He guards the paths of his faithful servants. But evil people will lie silent in their dark graves.“ People don’t win just because they are strong.
  • Psalms 17:5
    My steps have stayed on your paths. My feet have not slipped.
  • Psalms 94:18
    I said,“ My foot is slipping.” But Lord, your faithful love kept me from falling.
  • Psalms 4:1
    My faithful God, answer me when I call out to you. Give me rest from my trouble. Have mercy on me. Hear my prayer.
  • Psalms 121:3
    He won’t let your foot slip. He who watches over you won’t get tired.
  • Psalms 18:36
    You give me a wide path to walk on so that I don’t twist my ankles.