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  • Psalms 104:3
    Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind:
  • Psalms 18:10
    And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.
  • Psalms 80:1
    Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, thou that leadest Joseph like a flock; thou that dwellest[ between] the cherubims, shine forth.
  • Psalms 99:1
    The LORD reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth[ between] the cherubims; let the earth be moved.
  • 1 Samuel 4 4
    So the people sent to Shiloh, that they might bring from thence the ark of the covenant of the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth[ between] the cherubims: and the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas,[ were] there with the ark of the covenant of God.
  • Genesis 3:24
    So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.
  • Ezekiel 10:2-14
    And he spake unto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in between the wheels,[ even] under the cherub, and fill thine hand with coals of fire from between the cherubims, and scatter[ them] over the city. And he went in in my sight.Now the cherubims stood on the right side of the house, when the man went in; and the cloud filled the inner court.Then the glory of the LORD went up from the cherub,[ and stood] over the threshold of the house; and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the LORD’S glory.And the sound of the cherubims’ wings was heard[ even] to the outer court, as the voice of the Almighty God when he speaketh.And it came to pass,[ that] when he had commanded the man clothed with linen, saying, Take fire from between the wheels, from between the cherubims; then he went in, and stood beside the wheels.And[ one] cherub stretched forth his hand from between the cherubims unto the fire that[ was] between the cherubims, and took[ thereof], and put[ it] into the hands of[ him that was] clothed with linen: who took[ it], and went out.And there appeared in the cherubims the form of a man’s hand under their wings.And when I looked, behold the four wheels by the cherubims, one wheel by one cherub, and another wheel by another cherub: and the appearance of the wheels[ was] as the colour of a beryl stone.And[ as for] their appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.When they went, they went upon their four sides; they turned not as they went, but to the place whither the head looked they followed it; they turned not as they went.And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels,[ were] full of eyes round about,[ even] the wheels that they four had.As for the wheels, it was cried unto them in my hearing, O wheel.And every one had four faces: the first face[ was] the face of a cherub, and the second face[ was] the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.
  • Ezekiel 9:3
    And the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub, whereupon he was, to the threshold of the house. And he called to the man clothed with linen, which[ had] the writer’s inkhorn by his side;
  • Psalms 68:17
    The chariots of God[ are] twenty thousand,[ even] thousands of angels: the Lord[ is] among them,[ as in] Sinai, in the holy[ place].
  • Psalms 139:9
    [ If] I take the wings of the morning,[ and] dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
  • Hebrews 1:14
    Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?
  • Exodus 25:19
    And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end:[ even] of the mercy seat shall ye make the cherubims on the two ends thereof.