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  • 1 Kings 8 12
    Then Solomon said,“ Lord, you have said you would live in a dark cloud.
  • Psalms 97:2
    Clouds and thick darkness surround him. His rule is built on what is right and fair.
  • Exodus 20:21
    Moses approached the thick darkness where God was. But the people remained a long way off.
  • Psalms 144:5
    Lord, open up your heavens and come down. Touch the mountains, and they will pour out smoke.
  • Psalms 104:3
    He builds his palace high in the heavens. He makes the clouds serve as his chariot. He rides on the wings of the wind.
  • Luke 23:44-45
    It was now about noon. Then darkness covered the whole land until three o’clock.The sun had stopped shining. The temple curtain was torn in two.
  • Matthew 27:45
    From noon until three o’clock, the whole land was covered with darkness.
  • Isaiah 64:1-3
    I wish you would open up your heavens and come down to us! I wish the mountains would tremble when you show your power!Be like a fire that causes twigs to burn. It also makes water boil. So come down and make yourself known to your enemies. Cause the nations to shake with fear when they see your power!Long ago you did some wonderful things we didn’t expect. You came down, and the mountains trembled when you showed your power.
  • Deuteronomy 4:11
    You came near and stood at the foot of the mountain. It blazed with fire that reached as high as the very heavens. There were black clouds and deep darkness.
  • Nahum 1:3
    The Lord is slow to get angry. But he is very powerful. The Lord will not let guilty people go without punishing them. When he marches out, he stirs up winds and storms. Clouds are the dust kicked up by his feet.