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  • 2 Samuel 12 11
    “ The Lord also says,‘ I am going to bring trouble on you. It will come from your own family. I will take your wives away. Your own eyes will see it. I will give your wives to a man who is close to you. He will sleep with them in the middle of the day.
  • Deuteronomy 22:25-27
    But suppose a man happens to see a young woman out in the country. And she has promised to marry another man. But the man who happens to see her rapes her. Then only the man who has done that will die.Don’t do anything to the woman. She hasn’t committed a sin worthy of death. That case is like the case of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor.The man found the young woman out in the country. And she screamed for help. But there wasn’t anyone around who could save her.
  • Esther 7:8
    The king returned from the palace garden to the dinner hall. Just then he saw Haman falling on the couch where Esther was lying. The king shouted,“ Will he even treat the queen like this? Will he harm her while she’s right here with me in the palace?” As soon as the king finished speaking, his men covered Haman’s face.
  • Judges 20:5
    During the night the men of Gibeah came after me. They surrounded the house. They were planning to kill me. They raped my concubine, and she died.