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  • Romans 14:15
    Your brother or sister may be upset by what you eat. If they are, you are no longer acting as though you love them. So don’t destroy them by what you eat. Remember that Christ died for them.
  • Romans 15:1-3
    We who have strong faith should help the weak with their problems. We should not please only ourselves.Each of us should please our neighbors. Let us do what is good for them in order to build them up.Even Christ did not please himself. It is written,“ The bad things people have said about you have been aimed at me also.”( Psalm 69:9)
  • 1 Corinthians 8 13
    So suppose what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin. Then what should I do? I will never eat meat again. In that way, I will not cause them to fall.
  • Romans 14:20-21
    Don’t destroy the work of God because of food. All food is“ clean.” But it’s wrong to eat anything that might cause problems for someone else’s faith.Don’t eat meat if it causes your brother or sister to sin. Don’t drink wine or do anything else that will make them sin.
  • 1 Corinthians 10 33-1 Corinthians 11 1
    Follow my example. I try to please everyone in every way. I’m not looking out for what is good for me. I’m looking out for the interests of others. I do it so that they might be saved.Follow my example, just as I follow the example of Christ.